Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Frozen Living Item

 FZ1 - Frozen Toilet Seat Type (A) - RM89/each
Size : 42cm x 35.5cm
FZ2 - Frozen Toilet Seat Type (B) - RM98/each
Size : 44cm x 36cm
 FZ10 - Frozen Trash Can - RM59/each
Size : 28.5cm x 16.5cm
FZ11 - Frozen Bathroom Slipper - RM39/each
Size : 25cm (adult size)
FZ23 - Frozen Picnic Mat (3-4 pax) - RM119/set
Size : 180cm x 150cm
 FZ24 - Frozen Thick Play Mat
Type A : Size 130cm x 200cm x 1cm (RM139/set)
Type B : Size 150cm x 200cm x 1cm (RM149/set)
~ Made In Korea
~ Heat-resistant, cold temparature 80C ~ -20C
~ Suitable for age : 6 months & above
 FZ27 - Frozen Children Clog Sandal (RM78/pair)
Size 150 : length (170mm), width (65mm)
Size 160 : length (180mm), width (70mm)
Size 170 : length (190mm), width (88mm)
Size 180 : length (200mm), width (90mm)
Size 190 : length (210mm), width (95mm)
Size 200 : length (220mm), width (95mm)
 FZ28 - Frozen Bathroom Slipper for Kid (RM36/each)
Size : 19cm (kid size)
 FZ29 - Frozen Rainboot for Kid (RM125/pair)
Size 160 : insole (16cm), length (17cm)
Size 170 : insole (16.8cm), length (17.8cm)
Size 180 : insole (18cm), length (17.8cm)
Size 190 : insole (18.8cm), length (20cm)
Size 200 : insole (20cm), length (20cm)
Size 210 : insole (21cm), length (20.8cm)
FZ30 - Frozen  Bathroom Slipper for Adult (Pink) - RM39/each
Size : 25cm (adult size)
FZ49 - Frozen Slipper For Kid (RM62/pair)
Size 150 : insole (15cm)
Size 160 : insole (16cm)
Size 170 : insole (17cm)
Size 180 : insole (18cm)
Size 190 : insole (19cm)
Size 200 : insole (20cm)
Size 210 : insole (21cm)
FZ52 - Frozen Toothbrush (RM22/pc)
Please choose : Pink or Violet
Size : 16.5cm x 1.1cm
Suitable for ages 3-5 years old
Brush of DU PONT (World Famous Chemical Company)
  Made in Korea
  High Quality


Anonymous said...

Hello, I want to know if you ship to USA and if you still have Frozen rainboots and clog sandals...How much is the shipping, thanks!

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi there, yes, I can ship to USA.

For your information, this FZ29 - Frozen Rainboot for Kid (RM125/pair) & FZ27 - Frozen Children Clog Sandal (RM78/pair) is a pre-order item. I'll make a new order tomorrow and the stock estimated will reach me on 9th August.

The shipping cost for this 2 items = MYR150 (USD47)

Tracking will be given for you to trace & track the status of the parcel. The parcel will take about 12-15 working days to reach you.

For order, please email to or you can leave your email here, I'll get back to you.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.