Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pocoyo Trolley Backpack (READY STOCK!!)

 PC14 - Pocoyo Trolley Backpack (RM76.90/each)
~ Size : Heigth 30cm, Width 25cm, Depth 15cm


ting said...

Hi! I would really like to buy this for my nephew. Do let me know how.

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Ting, thanks for your interest on our products. The Pocoyo trolley bag have sold out. Will restock soon. The items probably will reach me by next week, 11th July. Would you mind to wait?

Colleen Samura said...

Hello, I'm very interested in getting this for my daughter when you have it back in stock. Could you give me some information on pricing and shipping?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Colleen, my new shipment of Pocoyo Trolley backpack will arrive on this Saturday. Kindly provide me your email address, so that I can get back to you on further details. Between, kindly let me know where are you located in order for me to quote the shipping cost. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Marie Medina said...

Hi Casey
I'm interested in this backpack. I will like to know the price after shipping.

Marie Medina said...

You can email me to my Google account if you want.

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Marie,

Thanks for your interest on our products.

Yes, I have ready stock for PC14 - Pocoyo Trolley Backpack (RM76.90/each). I can send out anytime.

Kindly provide your email address, so that I can get back to you. Or you can email me at

Please let me know where are you located.

Thank yoyu.


Listyoningsih Wijayanti said...

Hi! I would really like to buy this for my son. He is big fans of pocoyo. Do let me know how. my location on jakarta, indonesia. Thanks :)

Sheena Senin said...

HI There

I am interested with the Pocoyo trolly bag. DO u still have in stock?

And i am in Singapore. How long will shipping take?

Please advice.


Sheena Senin

Sheena Senin said...

OH wait.can u email me the details please.


chanellove said...

Hi. Is the Pocoyo Trolley Bag still available? Please let me know the price including postage/pickup and the procedure to order. Do you have any other pocoyo trolley bag design? Do get back to me soon!


Cassey Boutique said...

Hi chanellove, yes, i have ready stock for Pocoyo trolley backpack. The postage within Peninsula Malaysia = RM8. Or pick up at my nearest place, main entrance of Zoo Negara. I only have this one design. Please leave your email here, so that I can get back to you, or you can email to my at Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi, is the pocoyo back pack still available? i would like to purchase it for my son.


Anonymous said...


I'm interest, can email me at include the shipping fee to singapore.

Anonymous said...


Is this pocoyo bagpack still available? please pm me for the information. i'm in petaling jaya. thanks

Lim said...

Pls pm me,

Unknown said...

Is this bag still available? I definitely want one! Thanks!

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi, sorry that the Pocoyo trolley bag have sold out.

Kimberly Karim said...

Are you getting more of these?