Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Frozen Tableware

FZ3 - Frozen Stainless Steel Small Bowl (RM55/each)
Size : 10.5cm x 5cm
 FZ4 - Frozen Stainless Steel Big Bowl (RM57/each)
Size : 11.8cm x 4.8cm
 FZ5 - Frozen Stainless Steel Handle Bowl (RM56/each)
Size : 10.5cm x 5cm
FZ6 - Frozen Stainless Steel Cup (RM49/each)
Size : 7.3cm x 6.8cm
 FZ7 - Frozen Stainless Steel Lunch box with Bag (RM86/set)
Size : 25cm x 19cm x 5cm
 FZ8 - Frozen Water Bottle 450ml (RM49/each)
Size : 5.5cm x 16.5cm
FZ9 - Frozen Stainless Steel Fork & Spoon Set (RM45/set)
Size : 17cm
FZ12 - Frozen 2 Tiers Air Tide Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Bag (RM89/set)
Lunch box Size : 14.5cm x 11cm x 4.5cm
Bag size : 22.5cm x 16cm x 9.5cm
FZ13 - Frozen Stainless Steel Fork, Spoon and Chopsticks with slide case (RM59/set)
Bag Size : 18cm
Chopstick Size : 15.5cm
Spoon & Fork Size : 15cm
 FZ14 - Frozen Stainless Steel Spoon and Traning Chopstick with case (RM58/set)
Bag Size : 21cm
Chopstick Size : 17cm
Spoon Size : 16.3cm
 FZ15 - Frozen 3pcs Cup Set (RM39/set)
Size : 8.3cm x 6.5cm
Capacity : 180ml
FZ16 - Frozen Stainless Steel Training Chopstick (RM38/set)
Size : 17cm
FZ17 - Frozen BPA Free Straw Water Bottle 450ml (RM51/each)
Size : 20cm x 7cm
Capacity : 450ml
Material : PP PE (BPA Free)
FZ18 - Frozen Spoon, Fork or Chopstick Case (RM30/each)
Size : 21cm x 9cm
 FZ19 - Frozen Stainless Steel Cutlery 4pcs Set (RM160/box)
Includes : 
~ Rice bowl (10.5cm x 5cm) 
~ Soup bowl (11.8cm x 4.8cm) 
~ Cup (7.3cm x 6.8cm) 
~ Spoon and Fork (16.5cm)

The Frozen Living Item

 FZ1 - Frozen Toilet Seat Type (A) - RM89/each
Size : 42cm x 35.5cm
FZ2 - Frozen Toilet Seat Type (B) - RM98/each
Size : 44cm x 36cm
 FZ10 - Frozen Trash Can - RM59/each
Size : 28.5cm x 16.5cm
FZ11 - Frozen Bathroom Slipper - RM39/each
Size : 25cm (adult size)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pocoyo Trolley Backpack (READY STOCK!!)

 PC14 - Pocoyo Trolley Backpack (RM76.90/each)
~ Size : Heigth 30cm, Width 25cm, Depth 15cm

Pocoyo Tableware (READY STOCK!!)

 PC6 - Pocoyo Soup Bowl (RM33.90/each)
PC7 - Pocoyo Cup (RM32.90/each)
 PC8 - Pocoyo Spoon & Fork (RM29.90/set)
 PC9 - Pocoyo Lunch Box 600ml (RM36.90/each)
 PC10 - Pocoyo Straw Water Bottle 560ml (RM39.90/each)

Pocoyo Stationery (READY STOCK!!)

 PC11 - Pocoyo 12pcs Color Pencils (RM32.90/each)
  PC12 - Pocoyo Pencil Box (RM35.90/each)
PC13 - Pocoyo Pencil Set (RM28.90/set)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pocoyo Toys

 PC2 - Pocoyo And Friends Swiggle Traks Feature Track With Bridge (RM225/set)

Product Features : 
~ Motorized vehicle requires 2 AAA
~ Batteries not included
~ Includes 4 tracks
~ One moving bridge
~ 1 Pocoyo motorized vehicle with music and 1 ball accessory
~ Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 41.9 x 31.8 cm ; 454 g
Officially licensed product by Bandai
PC3 - Pocoyo Figures and Colour Sorting Ball (RM298.00/set)

Product Description :
~ Pocoyo learning game. Let your child discover the world of forms and colors. 
~ The game brings 12 pieces themed with the Pocoyo Circus. 
~ Fit in all the pieces, open the lid, take them out, 
and start again and keep learning through laughter! 
~ For +18 months. No batteries needed.
~ Officially licensed product by Bandai

PC4 - Pocoyo Piano Driver – RM245/set

~ An ideal first musical instrument to introduce children to the delights of making music.
~ A great way for children to learn through play.
~ Fun and easy to use - children will love it. Features the adorable Pocoyo.
~ Batteries required (not included).
~ High quality design, it is beautifully finished and designed to be played again and again.
~ Product Dimensions : 29.4 x 21.8 x 11.2 cm, 558 g
Officially licensed product by Bandai
PC5 - Pocoyo Basic Block (RM210/set)
Pocoyo Blocks game to play in flat, align, stack and play with colors
Officially licensed product by Bandai