Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tayo the little bus Tableware

TY01 4pcs spoon & fork set - RM22/set
TY02 cup with lid (Blue/Yellow) - RM26/pc
TY03 spoon, fork & chopsticks case (Blue/Yellow) - RM25/pc
TY04 dual handle cup (Blue/Yellow) - RM26/pc
TY05 3pcs cup set - RM26/set
TY06 stainless steel spoon & fork (Blue/Yellow) - RM32/set
TY07 spoon, fork & chopstick with case (Blue/Yellow) - RM33/set
TY08 measuring water bottle (Blue/Yellow) - RM33/pc
TY09 2pcs lunchbox with bag - RM42/set
 TY10 stainless steel cup (Blue) - RM35/pc
 TY11 stainless steel bowl (Blue) - RM36/pc
 TY12 water bottle with bag (Blue) - RM36/set
 TY13 spoon, fork &chopstick case with zip (Blue) - RM24/pc
 TY14 training cup (Blue/Yellow) - RM25/pc
TY15 water bottle 500ml (Blue/Yellow) - RM30/pc
TY16 steel tray with bag- RM65/pc
TY18 handle cup (Blue/Sky blue) - RM23/pc
TY19 spoon & fork case (Blue) - RM22/pc
TY20 transparent handle cup - RM23/pc
TY21 measuring water bottle (Blue/Yellow) - RM23/pc
TY22 3D table mat - RM23/pc
TY23 transparent cup with lid - RM24/pc
TY24 button lid training cup - RM26/pc
TY25 3D fork & spoon set (Blue) - RM32/set
TY26 stainless steel Edison training chopstick - RM28/set
TY27 stainless steel IQ Edison chopstick - RM29/set
TY28 tire straw water bottle - RM32/pc
TY29 soft straw water bottle (Blue) - RM33/pc
TY30 silicon straw training cup - RM34/pc
TY31 tritan water bottle (Blue) - RM32/pc
TY32 button straw water bottle - RM35/pc
TY33 stainless steel bowl (Blue) - RM38/pc
TY34 stainless steel cup (Blue) - RM38/pc
TY35 stainless steel dual handle bowl (Blue) - RM39/pc
TY36 stainless steel dual handle bowl (Blue) - RM39/pc
TY37 stainless steel water bottle (Blue) - RM38/pc
TY88 - Tayo Chopstick & Spoon with Case Set (RM49/set)
TY133 - Tayo Slide Open Water Bottle (320ml) - RM36/pc
Please choose : Blue / Yellow


Anonymous said...

No Tayo toys :( Manmeet

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Manmeet, will bring in the Tayo toys soon.. stay tune :)