Monday, September 10, 2012

New Version Pororo & Friends Soft Toys

Prices as below :

~ Pororo 
- 8 inch = RM59.90
- 11 inch = RM69.90
- 14.5 inch = RM89.90
- 20 inch = RM169.90

~ Petty, Loopy
- 8 inch = RM49.90
- 11 inch = RM59.90

~ Crong
- 8 inch = RM49.90
- 10 inch = RM59.90

~ Eddy
- 8 inch = RM49.90
- 13.5 inch = RM59.90

~ Harry
- 7 inch = RM39.90
- 8 inch = RM49.90

~ Poby
- 11 inch = RM69.90
- 17 inch = RM89.90


Anonymous said...

Do u still have stock?

Cassey Boutique said...

yes, i still have the Pororo soft toy which is still available to order. the stock will be here by next week. thank you.

Anonymous said...

How do you want me to place order? From here, or by email?

Anonymous said...

May i know this product original from korea?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi, you can email your order to It's an original products. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Transportation included?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi, the items are not included the shipping fees yet. thank you.

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joey said...

Do you still have stock on the Harry?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Joey, I don't have ready stock for Harry right now. But, I can help you to order and the stock will reach me within 2 working days. If you wouldn't mind to wait, please email your order to or you can leave your email here, so that I can get back to you. Thank you.

meyou said...

hi...stock for pororo stil available lg?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi Meyou,

Thanks for your interest on our products.

All character are still available to order, except Pororo character are out of stock.

Thank you.