Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cocomong Toys

CM7 - Cocomong Pullback 4pcs Mini Bus Toy Set (RM230/set)
. Composed of 4 friends: Red (Cocomong), Pink (Aroma), Green (Agul), 
Blue (Dark Fang)
. Cocomong figures are included
. There is a pullback function
. Pull Back Vehicles/Bus Play Set
. Age: 3 years + 
. Material: Die Casting, Plastic
. Package size: 25cm x 5.5cm x 17cm 
. Product (bus) Size: 7cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm 
. Product (Figures) Size: 6cm x 3.5cm x 7cm

 CM8 - Cocomong Pullback Yellow Mini Sport Car (RM118/set)
* Pullback function
Open the bonnet
* Doors opening and closing
* Press the bonnet sparkling sound and lights
* Size : 17cm x 7cm
CM9 - Cocomong Pullback 2pcs Airplane Toy set (RM96/set)
* Pullback function
* Blue & Red airplanes
You can rotate 360 degrees by pushing backward and pushing forward
* Size : Blue 13.5cm X 14cm , Red 9.5cm X 10.5cm 
* Package size: 26cm x 14.6cm x 12cm