Saturday, July 20, 2013

Roborcar Poli Band Type Deco Wall Sticker

 RP90 - Roborcar Poli Band Sticker A (RM89/roll)
Size : height 15.5cm x length 10m
RP90 - Roborcar Poli Band Sticker B (RM89/roll)
Size : height 15.5cm x length 10m
 RP90 - Roborcar Poli Band Sticker C (RM92/roll)
Size : height 18.6cm x length 10m


Anonymous said...

Do you still sell this robocar poli wall stickers?

Cassey Boutique said...

Hi, yes, this roborcar poli wall stickers are still available to order. The stock will take at least 7-10 working days to reach me once your order is confirmed. If you're interested to order, please leave your email here, so that I can get back to you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks.. By the way, how do we stick this? Is it already come ready to stick or we need to apply glue or etc? Thanks..