Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tayo Living Items

TY65 - TAYO Toothbrush (RM29/each)
Please choose : Tayo (Blue), Rogi (Green), Lani (Yellow)
Suitable for children aged 3 years & above
TY85 - TAYO Toilet Seat (RM65/each)
Please choose : Blue or White

TY105 - Tayo Pee Training (RM79/set)

Description :
It's time to toilet train your little toddler boy to pee in the toilet?
This training pee urinal is so convenient to use and hassle free. Kids learn fast especially with their favourite charactors.
Comes in a box and includes 3 pieces of suction caps to be placed on toilet wall tiles
Only in Blue Colour
Note: Measurement ± 1~2cm difference
Size : 18cm (L) x 27.5cm (H) x 16cm (W)
TY150 - TAYO Toilet Seat (RM72/each)
Size : 28.5cm x 30cm
Please choose : Blue or Green

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