Sunday, October 21, 2012

READY STOCK!! Pororo Fabulous iPhone 4/4S & Samsung S3 Casing

iPhone 4/4S - Crong (Orange) = RM20/pc - Sold Out
 iPhone 4/4S - Crong (Red) = RM20/pc
Samsung S3 - Pororo (Orange) = RM25/pc
 Samsung S3 - Pororo (Red) = RM25/pc - Sold Out
iPhone 4/4S - Pororo (Red Pink) = RM25/pc - Sold out


Anonymous said...

Hi do you have Pororo HP casing for Samsung Note?Do email me at Thank You.

Anonymous said...


Do your ship to Singapore?
If yes, how will you charge the shipping fee?

Kindly drop me a mail at

Thank you

Anonymous said...

hi do you have Pororo casing for samsung galaxy note..if u do please email me at you