Saturday, August 25, 2012

Household & Kitchen Products

Bubble Bra - RM19/set

Material: PP
Color: White/Pink
Packing: Color Box
Large ball diameter: 15CM(5.9inch)


This innovative laundry gadget protects padded bras from being twisted, squashed and damaged by your washing machine agitator .

Simply place your bra and bra straps inside the Bra Saver ball. Close the latch Toss in the wash.

Patented plastic duel-shell design safely supports one padded bra up to size D cup, for use in your washer and dryer.

The result freshly washed bras will be clean, perfectly shaped and ready to wear.

2012 NEW!!! Cupcake Secret Cupcake Maker Non-Stick Silicone Baking Pan - RM48/set

Item specifics
• Material: Silicone Rubber
• Moulds Type: Cake Moulds
• Feature: ECO Friendly

• Product Name: 2012NEW!!! Cupcake Secret Cupcake Maker Non-Stick Silicone Baking Pan
• Item Code: 142599391
• Category: Baking Moulds Add to Favorite Categories
• Package Size: 20.0 * 10.0 * 20.0 ( cm )
• Gross Weight/Package: 0.6 ( kg )

Looking for a way to spice up your traditional cupcake? The all new Cupcake Secret is the perfect way to surprise your friends and family! The unique non-stick silicone cupcake pan allows for 2 ways to hide treats inside your cupcakes. Using the "hiding posts" makes it easy to fill your cupcakes with marshmallows, peanut butter cups, or fruit. Or use the bake in cups to produce little holes you can fill in with jam, frosting, or pudding. The options are endless! Included with the Cupcake Secret pan; 6 hiding posts, 6 bake in cups, recipe guide, and instructions.

Microwave oven baked potato chips - RM25/set

Size : 14*14*8 .5 cm

Colour : White and Yellow
Material: ABS

Used for microwave ovens cook Egg, eggs can maintain moisture, taste fresh, nutrient-rich. 

How: Simply put all their eggs into the Egg fire inside a high 30-45 seconds, and can be steamed eggs, eggs used to puncture point, you can put a small amount of oil, salt

Usage: set at the end of wiping a little olive oil (or sprinkle some salt flower) branded eggs, sprinkle with chopped green onion cove
red with lid, placed in microwave ovens, 600 watt microwave oven weak fire about 2 and a half minutes or so, 500-watt microwave oven about 3 minutes or so weak that the fire can, a heart-shaped fried eggs successfully, and eating delicious when topped with a little juice. That certainly good taste .... also create other food!

M size Hand pump - RM20/set

Size: Free Size
Length: 55CM
Color: As Shown In the Picture
Accessories: None
Weight: 0.255KG
Stainless Steel Apple cutter - RM15/each

Diameter: 10CM

Weight: Stainless Tool Apple Slicer Easy Cutter Fruit Knife/ Cut Apple to 8 Pieces

Highquality stainless steel, sharp edge, simple and easy to use;
Material: stainless steel + Plastic;
convenient and quick, health and safety;
Easy to Clean made of Stainless Steel and Plastic Handle;
Suitable for cutting apples, pears and other similar fruits;
Can cut apple to 8 piece easily.
 Microwave Oven Egg Boiler for 4 Eggs - RM25/set


• Size: 14 * 13 * 12cm;

• Single Weight: 0.193 kg;

• Product Material: Plastic PC + aluminum.


• Safety convenient microwave oven boiled eggs function, and can keep eggs moisture, taste fresh and tender, rich in nutrition;

• Once can evaporate four eggs, pre-set time, need not to care about, a few minutes will be ready for you busy morning save time;

• Through the microwave heating to choose the length of time in Lebanon, old three different, the degree of maturity, meet you and y
our family needs of different flavors;

• You can also use it to steamed bread, dumplings and other food;
• Specially designed at the bottom of the water trough to effectively prevent accumulation of water into microwave oven;
• The eggs whole into the Egg from the superstructure are chassis tightly;
• When microwave oven set 400-500 w (about medium-high), cooked eggs about eight minutes, and the tender heart egg about 7 minutes, about 6 minutes filter heart eggs.
Corn Cob Kernel Cutter Stripper Remover With Holder - RM19/set

Main Feature:
A perfect item for kitchen and outdoor uses
Excellent design for cutting kernels off the cob in seconds
Kernels collects in a 1/2 cup capacity container
Slide the stripper lengthwise down a cob, and the kernels are quickly cut and collected inside the body
The metal blade is designed to fit perfectly around corn contours
Convenient to open the top
Separated container, easy for cleaning
Suitable for picnics, BBQ and all sorts corn cooking kitchen duties
Compact, durable & easy to use

* Note: The color of the item might be sent at random

Microwave Oven Steamed Egg Tool - RM12/set

Color : White
Material : pp meterial
size: 23x10x4cm
Weight : 0.08kg
Heat: 140 degrees
Cold tolerance: - 20 degrees


Used for microwave steam egg, can keep moisture, taste fresh eggs, rich in nutrition.

Breakfast is very convenient. Sweet!

Operation: just put eggs into the steamed egg within 30-45 seconds, fire will evaporate hard-boiled egg,
use at will, can break into egg put less oil and salt

Pre-order ~ estimated date of arrival mid of Sept 2012. For order, please leave your comment or pm. Or email us at Thank you for visiting! Happy shopping.

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