Monday, April 9, 2012

Pre-Order - Thomas and Friends Items (cutlery set, water bottles, crayon, cup - ETA mid of May)

TM12 Bowl 480ml - RM22/pc

TM11 Plastic fork + spoon - RM18/set

TM10 Water bottle 400ml - RM35/pc

TM09 Water bottle 360ml - RM34/pc

TM08 3D cup 280ml - RM25/pc

TM07 Training cup 250ml - RM25/pc

TM06 Water bottle 400ml - RM35/pc

TM05 Drinking cup 280ml (Blue/White) - RM15/pc

TM04 Table Mat - cannot choose design - RM20/pc

TM02 Training cup 390ml - (Blue/Yellow) - RM29/pc

TM01 Non-toxin Crayon 12 colour - RM25/set

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